I Keep On Moving...no period!

i am my own superhero.

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Bout that work

For a season it just got heavy on every leaf
Nuthin else to do but fall on some
Its just better to leave
and I don’t mean on some leave the hood shit
I mean some leave for good shit
You’d be surprised? If I told you it was 2 or 5 times I committed suicide I jumped
BUT I got too much pride n I refused to die
I’m floating thru the sky like sheeeet ain’t nuthin left to do but fly.
Open my wings and look thru my eyes n glide
But that’s what you do sometimes in a moment of weakness til you find the stronger you inside
Its do or die
That was 2011
every day was 911 
Had a lil brown angel on my shoulder
when i told her how i was just a deep of shade of blue inside
she said all she wanted to do was cry then she stopped and asked me
to ask me
who am I?
Case closed
I Keep On Moving guy
You ever look back at what you survived like ow that hurt!
but what I find astounding is
After i climb that mountain I write about it
I touch you and you feel me
How that work?
Im bout that work! Moments dont last cause they not supposed to
every minute is close to the end in just a moment
So listen to me lil missy
Before you kiss me Im a gypsy I won’t be around long
She think its cute but its the truth
Turn around and Im gone
Then I turn around and put your name in a song
Turned our pain to a poem
So our love can live on
Im KoM
Thats who I am and what I do
If you still need an introduction then use my name as an instruction
Listen fam im a simple man
w hip hop for a heartbeat n im from the block where its shark week and when the bark meets bite dark meets white wrong meets….its gone be a long night
Aint no adjustin this cold heat
It’s a lot of Mrs Martins w no justice n no sleep
and its blood in the concrete
No affiliations but
real recognize real n dont need no syndication so
niggas love it when KoM speak word sound power
Used to spit verbs n nouns out on the curb rounds for hours for free
just for Love n Hip Hop with everybody watching me
now I wont spit a word or noun without an absurd amount of a fee cause like Love n Hip Hop
Everybody’s watching me
If I win, they win I’m everybody’s lottery pick
so I gotta be the shit or we all
get shitted on that’s the kinda shit I’m on
God bless my life
Trying to guess this right
Make a left at the light
No body said nothin so
I guess its right
I’ll look while you listening Since you look like you listening I ain’t after the girls im after the world
Then after the world I ain’t gotta ask for the girls
Hip hop got grandchildren
and they spoiled
They gettin all the toys and the women but they not spitting like they hear a clock ticking
I was at the bottom of the bottom like I don’t know whatsup
But it got me feelin like I got no where to go but up
elevator flow
Touch em n make em open up like elevator doors
How dat work?
Im bout that work

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talk to me

We went from talking to texting
Body language to binary code
English to an abrupt change of subject w no period and no heartbeat
No inflections to clarify no intonations to interpret
No words to touch the way talking can
Cus typing will never have enuff wpms to fly off the screen and land
On your skin like rain
or that drop of saliva that is a postman that day
sent to deliver a message you can touch or that touches you
No clue what happened to our words the sweet of them
The speed of them
or the need for them

"How am i supposed to Cry
out loud now?”
Why would they?
there is a cloud for that now with an emoticon inside who will cry for you and you know whats about to come out for that now?
Wait it just did, im bout to load down a brand new emotion that has a sound for that now
Ding! Just like the real thing
Minus the application of an eardrum getting played a sad song
Sobby w no tune coming from the next room and then under a cover someone in discomfort or needing to be heard…heart bleeding words!

Words that break skin that break into thoughts
and change the channel
And move you like…
How she said it
You felt it from head to feet
Make you forget what it was you said you needed
Moved you like going from red to green
Like going from dead to being
Predictive text like a prophet that talks for you.
Tells you what you should say but doesnt know what you mean
Eyes cant hear heartbeats thru clothes
How do you say “I love you” thru codes?

To a being…to being

silence can blind but a word change the world and a mind.

did you hear that? the sound of a lover….doing more with her fingers than texting her wcw
bitches be like talking with their hands accents of math trying to multiply to a feeling that sounds like …………..
You hear?
Come here let me tell you in your ear…sign language

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blow trane blow

Funny how between brass and wood

Thru fiction and the understood

U can travel

syncopated dreams in the key of a heartbeat

time signature is right now

let the clefs tell the story

add 1 more take one less

let the circumstances sort out the rest

but at any given time you can have em all in line

on 1 cord

aint even strange how we all on board

1 engine

heading In every direction

I’m goin back north where we talk fast n funny

and got a whole lot o fast funny money

"mister slow down i dont know what you talkin bout"

bout it sound good like brass and wood

and in her south

she is a pretty 11 again

mama got her hair shining like eyes

now mama is in the kitchen

burning somthing incredible out of very little

she peaking thru the door

listenin for the boom bap…boom cap

spoon to pot

sounds good like…brass and wood

we west coast traveling in east coast fashion

across these mean seas on 1 accord

where do running clouds go when the wind blows?

hope its some kind of home

thats where i would wanna be in a storm

somewhere where it sounds like some kind of home

home grown memory with a slow melody

a sure remedy for every shade of blue

he plays for you and you and you and you

didn’t ask him to but it feels true

maybe he doesn’t know

maybe he doesn’t have to know

who knows when the moon sleeps

or when the sun changes clothes

but what i do know

that there is some good air moving thru that saxophone

between brass and wood

Its never been just “music”

this heavy moodswing

Its a blue thing

friday night black suit smokey room thing

take me there

let me play you a storm

my storm

you tap finger and shoe

play along

all on 1 accord


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Mute decadence

Her smile makes me want to protect her.
My man wants to feel her womb
I see her thru two i’s
I see her first
Then I see her worth she
Shine like the moon in blackface
She sleeps like angels at sunrise wait…No at
Midnight…no like…her sleep like angels new born
She can see her future she leads her past
her dreams are the colors of Utopian bubble bath
Hold her close while we breathe
So deep we exchange heart beats
Her gift is her presence
Met you tomorrow n loved her ever since
Her smile is a wet September.
In her eyes is a naked sunrise she blinks in tune with the moon
I sing her news, feel her muse
Sip her smooth n slow
She can stand still and flow
…and fill a room with Mute decadence n Heavens scent.

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In THIS moment

Phuck who I owe and how much!
Not that I dont want to pay it but if I dont so what?
Im alive ooH is dead but im alive and im healthy
go to a prison or a hospital and my broke ass is everyone’s envy
I remember miracles from two weeks to twenty years ago.
I been hot like the star of the show…and I came from below zero
Like freezing cold nothing
So in this moment fuck the rent on Tuesday….if it comes it comes.
Its a beautiful day
and im in love with my mother and my daughter and my mophucking self.
thats whats important phuck everything else.
I feel the Love from my friends and love for my dreams
I Love this moment…inhale breathe
Thats air in my lungs and another chance to fix my mistakes. I choose to be positive cause that other shit is too much weight
You get one shot at life and I live like a Prince. I do what I want.
I give a phuck what who thinks
If you dont understand that then im not talking to you.
If you DO understand that then lets build and make both our dreams come true
FUCK stressing. Fuck stress phuck my phone being at 13%
Im bout to go catch the bus to Norfolk Va for a show but I stopped n sat down to write this shit.
cus my phone might die but my spirit wont. bitch im too fly to ever be broke. Im too Brooklyn to to ever be broken.
I say this shit and yall think I be joking but I see things differently I was born a dreamer. I dream vividly like the world is my theater and im the star of this show! Show love to everyone I touch. Yea I Got bills and mistatakes and all that good stuff. But and I cant stress over this bull shit…I love life too much!
In this moment which is all I have im thankful that my mother calls me son and my daughter calls me dad. Fuck everything else…ill fix it later now I gotta go catch this bus that im prob gonna be late for.
Ha haaaaa

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Time n music

I love u like now. Like now is all we have. Like the next could be our last breath like this left could be our last step. walk with me, cus it feels like tomorrow is around the corner and we have had threesomes w time and made her pause for 1 whole revolution. her father noticed and he took her away from us so we steal her in sweet increments. Whatever we can get away with. We sprinkle her with kisses that mean what we can’t say. with wishes that feel like warm arms with thoughts that have heartbeats inside them. Like now is all we have…all we ever had. we sip slow and laugh hard and make love scream our names in god tongue, c sharp, b major. Like now is all we have. We love right, now.

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never know if you never go

You never know if you never go

Smooth gypsy jump in the pool with me let’s do somethin pretty kiss the silence w violins rhymin over a moonlit symphony
As we Move thru your city…beautifully
Music in me. Something beautiful w me shining. 

You know how I do no pressure 

but if you really a Diamond then its only a matter of timing before you shine thru yes sir!

KoM…Been cooking for a minute
Still in the kitchen but its like I’m missing the recipe
trying to find a remedy shit!
But yall still listenin n when I get it to the proper chemistry make the whole world remember me like 23
I promise….Look
The answer is in the Question
Learned that from a memory
I am the answer to the question so the whole game is in Jeopardy
Didn’t like Taste of Hennessey
Chased it with leprosy
now I spit sick…no… spit sicker
Like one eyed Rick…but slicker
Thick chocolate brown sister
Attitude is brown liquor
Love how her jeans kiss her
Curves and lines
Stacked like a dollar worth of dimes
I love me a woman that’s on her grind plus she …thicker than a snicker I want to tip her like a stripper how she be dancing on my mind
Glitter n shine, glitter n shine
For all who can see….her name: jewelry
No disrespect sometimes I think w my second neck
Third leg hopping need a nike condom to keep that nigga in check
You only mess up real bad when you trying real hard
Ones who never tried at all the ones who smile to see you fall
Misery loves company so
I don’t want you loving me
trying to have me down with you
CUS you feel stuck underneath your nightmare n its quite clear that my flights here thats why
I walk around in Nike airs n fly gear in flight mode head to the clouds I’m never looking down
So I can’t say its nice to meet you cus if you ain’t up here then
I can’t see you…
Uh real recognize real and you recognize me
but your shit don’t come up on my caller id
This game of life Gotta play it right
can’t stop it n start again
When it comes to the profit margins I’m stayin to the right put just one dot and lots of commas in
This dame life came w a knife n this bitch cut real deep
We hide the scars by the bars drink up my tears ain’t cheap
This hill is real steep driving a car to a star
But you never know if you never go so I’m gone….far.

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Food, for thought

Everything that tastes good, aint good.

For every meal there is a recipe…in a book

but when do we ever look at recipes?

Recipes are for rooks…rookies.

we don’t look at the recipe we just cook and make cookies to taste

tastes good…so that must be right.

But Everything that tastes good, aint good…right?

LoL to think that’s how we judge things in life?

To think THIS is the thing we ALL love so much in life

But we go by how things taste and how things feel

That’s what lets you know if it is or if it aint real

But everything that feels good, aint really “good”

Besides how would you know? Like by the book?

Cause everything isn’t always as it cooks

there is a list of ingredients and techniques but we over look it

not checking these things, we just cook it

Sometimes it be good but its just missing something

Sometimes we under cook it cause we rushed in

Like did you KNOW green beans are supposed to be eaten crunchy?

If they are soggy then you cooked all the nutrients out

Your green beans taste so good when you season them just right

You been cooking green beans all your life

But according to the book no matter how good they taste you are not cooking them right.

You are not getting the nutritional benefits

But you been doing it so long and you LIKE the way it tastes so even tho you just learned that you have been doin it wrong you like eh hell with it

tastes good…so that must be right.

But everything that tastes good aint “good.”right

what if before you started to cook and possibly burn the dish

You looked at the book and learned the dish

How much time would you have saved not to mention the energy

If you had just stopped to check the recipe

How can you experience what a dish was really meant to be

If you don’t STOP and check the recipe

How can you experience what love sex marriage was really meant to be

If you don’t STOP and check the recipe

Cus everything that tastes good, aint good

Everything that feels good isn’t really “good.”